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Braided Rope Border – Denotes our naval heritage, having been born out of the Naval Warfare Analysis Center in 1994.


Chain – Represents the intricacies of the technical military problems we solve as well as the value of each individual for a cohesive whole.


Latitude and Longitudinal Grid – Symbolizes the global application of our products in support of national security and military strategies.


Target Bull's-Eye – Refers to the precision with which we work to provide technical solutions and products. It is through our precise analysis that our forces rapidly achieve their national security objectives.


Chessboard – Represents our ability to influence warfighting strategy, arming key decision makers with a range of technical options to influence outcomes and achieve victory.


Knight – The only chess piece that can move independently and strike in any direction without first requiring a cleared path, represents our flexibility, versatility, and responsiveness in providing the warfighter with a variety of options to achieve their objectives.


Lightning Bolt – Represents our ability to conduct precision analysis, sustaining the power that our forces bring to the fight.


Eagle – Symbolizes the fighting forces we support and the country and constitution we defend.