Health Insurance

Employees can enroll in health insurance coverage for themselves and their families at reasonable rates. They enjoy one of the widest selections of plans in the country. Over 370 plans participate in the health insurance program. Employees can choose among fee-for-service plans, health maintenance organizations, and point-of-service plans. There is an annual open season during which employees can change their enrollment. Unlike a growing number of private sector health benefits programs, Federal employees can continue their health insurance coverage into retirement with a full Government contribution. For more information, check out the following website:


Life Insurance

Employees can enroll in group term life insurance. Employees may select from among several options that offer varying amounts of coverage for the employee, and may also select a small amount of coverage for family members. The Government contributes to the cost of the lowest coverage. Cost to the employee varies depending on the employee's age and the amount of coverage selected. Visit FEGLI's website for more information: .