Dahlgren, VA
Dahlgren is located on the Potomac River in rural King George County, Virginia, about halfway between Washington, D.C. and Richmond, Virginia. Local residents enjoy the affordability and charm of rural living while still having convenient access to first-class shopping, museums, hospitals, and universities found in more urban areas. Employees benefit from Dahlgren's proximity to Washington by earning the region's over 30% locality pay in addition to their base pay as federal civil servants.

Dahlgren is located halfway between Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains and Virginia Beach, making it ideally situated for families to enjoy the many recreational activities the region has to offer. From traditional pastimes like hunting and fishing, to theme parks such as Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion with its 14 roller coasters, to golf courses --- all are within a short drive of the base.


Here, in Virginia's historic Tidewater, you will find many historical parks where the nation was born, where its ideals of liberty were first conceived and tested, where it won its independence, and where its unity was ultimately preserved through the bloody years of the Civil War. Here, too, are birthplaces and homes of many of those individuals who made this history: George Washington, James Madison, James Monroe and Robert E. Lee.

There are also dozens of antique stores, specialty shops, restaurants, and malls in nearby historic Fredericksburg, Southern Maryland, and surrounding areas. For those interested in metropolitan appeal, Washington, D.C. and Richmond are within an easy commute for world-class theater, concert venues, and big-city nightlife. National league teams such as the Washington Football Team, Washington Wizards, and Washington Nationals are just a few represented within an easy drive.

Employees can also take advantage of the many recreation activities and facilities without leaving the base, including a bowling alley, indoor swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, marina, library, youth activity center, hobby shops, auto shop, child-care services, and credit union.