Mr. R. Chan Swallow

As JWAC's Technical Director, a Senior Executive Service (SES) position, Mr. Swallow provides long-term direction to ensure the Center remains on the cutting edge of analysis and targeting support for our nation's Combatant Commands and other government agencies. Areas of focus include: network effects, network analysis, wargaming, counterterrorism, cyber, economic resilience, and operations research.


Mr. Swallow gained a breadth of experience in policy, strategy, military operations, counterterrorism, cyber warfare, economics, energy, infrastructure, operations research, and nuclear engineering while serving in the U.S. Navy. He concluded his military service in three Joint assignments. As commander of the Joint Warfare Analysis Center, he led analysis and targeting against U.S. adversaries. As a professor at the National Defense University, he taught Economics of the National Security Strategy during the Great Recession and developed and led the Afghanistan-Pakistan Hands Fellowship. In the Pentagon, he served as the Senior Military Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, developing policy options for the Middle East, Russia, Caucasus, Europe, Africa, and NATO.


Mr. Swallow's Navy sea tours included: directing Seventh Fleet operations of tsunami and earthquake relief across the Pacific and Indian Oceans, North Korean missile response, and execution of the Global War on Terror in South East Asia; commanding the guided missile frigate USS Nicholas that intercepted the merchant ship BBC China carrying contraband nuclear centrifuges to Libya, exposing the illegal nuclear efforts of Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, and Libya; serving as Chief Staff Officer of the Middle East Force supporting United Nations sanctions against Iraq and executing emergency relief efforts in Yemen after the terrorist attack on USS Cole; serving as Executive Officer of USS Elrod supporting the war in Kosovo; and serving as Reactor Mechanical Assistant on the eight reactor aircraft carrier USS Enterprise deploying to the Mediterranean Sea and Arabian Gulf supporting U.N. sanctions against Iraq.


Selected education and training:

MA in national security & strategic studies, Naval War College

MS in operations research, Naval Post Graduate School

BS in Mechanical engineering, Tulane University

Army Airborne, Fort Benning, Georgia