Driven by Potential, Fueled by Hard Work tagline with image o a diverse group of people standing together. You're making a great choice when you choose a career with Joint Warfare Analysis Center (JWAC). JWAC exists for the benefit of the warfighter. Our products are grounded in analytical rigor and technical expertise, and our core strength lies in our talented and diverse workforce. You will find our comprehensive compensation and benefits package to be very competitive. As a federal employee, you and your family have access to a range of benefits that are designed to make your career rewarding while at the same time enabling you to balance work and family needs.


Employee Wellness

Health and Wellness – Full-time employees may be excused, without loss of pay or charge to leave, up to 3 hours of administrative leave each week for health, wellness, or physical fitness activities. The base offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including a Fitness Center equipped with circuit and free weights, cardio equipment, group and family exercise rooms, two racquetball courts and a full-sized basketball court. Additionally, our employees enjoy the benefit of a smaller, on-site fitness facility where it’s not uncommon for employees to participate in wellness challenges. In addition to the 2 fitness centers, the base offers a ¾ mile outdoor walking track and a year-round indoor aquatic facility.

Employee Assistance and Referral – The Employee Assistance Program is a voluntary, confidential program that helps employees work through various life challenges that may adversely affect job performance, health, and personal well-being.

Health Insurance
Dental and Vision Insurance
Life Insurance
Long-Term Care Insurance

Reasonable Accommodations – Reasonable accommodations may be provided to qualified employees with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations may apply to the duties of the job and/or where and how job tasks are performed. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.


Financial Well-Being

Salary — We offer competitive salaries, with most positions being in the Department of Defense Science and Technology Reinvention Laboratory (STRL) Personnel Demonstration Project (Lab Demo). STRL Lab Demo transforms civilian personnel management policies and procedures to better support our science and technology mission. Specifically, Lab Demo provides a flexible, tailored personnel system that enhances the recruitment, development, and retention of a high-quality workforce. A key flexibility that distinguishes JWAC Lab Demo from the General Schedule (GS) pay system is the use of broadbanding. JWAC’s compensation plan recognizes individual competency, achievements, and rewards contribution to the mission.

Accelerated Compensation for Developmental Positions Employees in developmental positions may be eligible for salary increase outside of the annual Contribution-based Compensation System (CCS) assessment cycle for demonstrated sustained contribution. When combined with the CCS process, an employee in a developmental position may be eligible to receive up to 2 salary increases annually.

Contribution-based Compensation SystemThe Lab Demo’s CCS provides an effective, efficient, and flexible method for compensating JWAC’s workforce through salary increases, Time-Off awards, or monetary bonuses annually.

Flexible Spending Accounts – The federal Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Program allows you to set aside money for health care expenses or child or elder care expenses. With a FSA, you can save an average of 30% by using pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible FSA expenses for you, your spouse, and qualifying children or relatives.

Retirement Benefits – Federal employees’ retirement plan provides benefits from 3 sources: a basic annuity, Social Security, and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). The TSP part of the plan is one of the finest retirement plans in the world, similar to 401(k) plans offered by private companies. Employees receive matching contributions up to 5% - well above the average employer 401(k) matching contribution. Federal retirees can also enjoy other benefits, such as health insurance, life insurance, dental and vision insurance, and flexible spending accounts. The amount and eligibility of benefits depends on several factors, such as age, retirement date, type of service, and survivor options.

Security Clearance – Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) clearance can help you to increase your earning potential and qualify for high-level positions in the federal government and private sector. Due to the nature of work, our employees are required to obtain and maintain a TS/SCI.

Commuter Subsidies – The federal Transit Benefit Program provides up to $60 each month for qualifying employees.
Transit subsidy - If you use public transportation to get to work, you may be eligible for reimbursement of qualified transportation expenses. It reduces your financial burden and helps alleviate traffic congestion and air pollution. 

Discounts – Employees are offered discount tickets to attractions, such as amusement parks, sporting events, sightseeing destinations, ski resorts, and local movie theaters.


Work-Life Balance

Vacation, Personal, and Sick Leave - Enjoy paid time off through our generous leave programs.

Employees may use annual leave for vacations, rest and relaxation, and personal business or emergencies. Up to 30 days of annual leave may be carried over into the new leave year. Accrual Rates for full-time employees:
   Less than 3 years of Federal service:  4 hours each pay period
   3 years but less than 15 years of service:  6 hours each pay period
   15 or more years of service:  8 hours each pay period

An employee may use sick leave for personal medical needs, family care or bereavement, care of a family member with a serious health condition, or adoption-related purposes. In addition to annual leave, full-time employees accrue 4 hours of sick leave each pay period. There is no limitation on the amount of sick leave that can be accumulated.

Paid Parental Leave – Employees enjoy up to 12 weeks of Paid Parental Leave to be taken in connection with the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child.

11 Paid Holidays

Flexible Work Schedules – Employees may, with their supervisor’s approval, select personalized work schedules based on organizational needs as the primary requirement, that allow employees to maintain contributions while meeting personal needs.

Telework – Telework is a discretionary workplace flexibility that is applied impartially at JWAC. Position eligibility is determined by the supervisor after considering the nature of work to be performed. Some positions may not normally be suitable for routine telework due to the nature of work.

Child and Youth Programs – The base provides a Child Development Center that provides full- and part-time early care and education services for children ages 6 weeks through pre-school. A School-Age Care program, summer camps, and a Teen Program are also available.


Photo of woman's hand writing with several papers and a notebook. There is a coffee mug in the background on the table.Professional Development

Continuing Educational and Professional Development – Full-time employees may be excused, without loss of pay or charge to leave, up to 3 hours of administrative leave each week for qualifying educational activities.

Developmental Opportunities Program – A competitive program that provides a process for employees to acquire knowledge and expertise that cannot be acquired in the standard working environment.

 Academic Fellowship – Provides degree training for purposes of meeting critical skill requirements to ensure continuous acquisition of advanced and specialized knowledge essential to the organization.
Experiential Fellowship Sabbatical – Paid sabbaticals to permit employees to engage in study or uncompensated work experience that contributes to their development and effectiveness.

Temporary External Details – Employees may be detailed to positions outside of JWAC with a different set of duties on a temporary basis for the purpose of broadening knowledge, skill, and experience in order to improve talent development, mission delivery, and collaboration.



Additional Incentives

Inclusive Recognition and Awards — Our employees may receive other monetary incentives and awards, such as a spot bonus or Time-Off award to recognize a specific special act or contribution. Additionally, employees may be recognized quarterly or annually with honorary awards with categories that encompass all work units and members.

Recreation CommitteeEmployee-led group that provides and promotes activities to boost morale and to establish a fund to support Center activities, such as picnics, holiday parties, open houses, and other events and occasions.

Employee Engagement – JWAC employees are involved with and lead Center-wide teams, such as working groups that are established to address results of Federal Employee Viewpoint Surveys. Employees at all levels have opportunity to engage with senior leadership.


Common Employment Questions
  • Are JWAC positions in the General Schedule (GS) system?

    The majority of JWAC’s positions are part of the Department of Defense Science and Technology Reinvention Laboratory (STRL) Personnel Management Demonstration Project. JWAC’s Lab Demo improves effectiveness through flexible, tailored personnel rules that enhance the recruitment, development, and retention of a high quality workforce. A key flexibility that distinguishes JWAC Lab Demo from GS is our use of broadbanding. The workforce is divided into four career paths with four or five broadband levels. The broadbands replace the GS-1 through 15 grade levels. Career paths are Science and Engineer (DR), Business Management and Professional (DO), Technician (DX), and Mission Support (DU).